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Welcome to the virtual world of WfJ, Inc Creative Firm! We have created this website with you in mind. We wanted to offer as much information about our creative firm and the superlative services we offer. The internet is one of our office spaces so feel free to sit back, chat with us and make requests. This is our first step in getting the ball rolling for any project you may have.
We can't thank you enough for simply considering us to help with your current or next ventures.
Well...we'll try: THANK YOU times 7!

There is no job too great for us. We take thoughts and transform them into life! What we dream of are big budgets – yet we never abuse them. Whether we are dealing with 5,000 or 50,000 – we give the biggest bang for the buck. You can trust us to pay attention to detail, create unparalleled ideas and deliver in record breaking timing. All we ask is for one chance.

Small Business:

We salute companies that wasn’t necessarily starting small – but smart. We did this same thing. Although we have been blessed to increase our portfolio and clientele, we still understand having to advertise in a creative and economical way. We aren’t the huge corporation trying to be empathetic. We are the Small and Emerging Business such as yourself.


Are you the next hottest commodity but unknown to the world? This is the place for serious Singers, Spoken Word Artists and Individuals that wreak of creativity. We’ll have you wanting to inquire about yourself! Social networking is effective but you should always have a website to refer someone to. Give us that call. We can help you as we have helped so many others.


Great Message but no method? Look no further! We recognize that although doing business with huge Corporations, Small Businesses and Creative Individuals is quite lucrative; part of our mantle is helping spread God’s Word. Whether it’s building a site for a Mega Ministry or Mega-Mind Ministry, we have creative ideas given by God. After all, we aren’t WfJ, Inc in name only.