WfJ, Inc...We Breathe Imageries

Your No. 1 Stop for Marketing & Media Solutions. We Consult, Design, Print & Distribute. We currently have clients as close as you are and as far as Nigeria.  We cater to every client, stay within any budget – and see the NEED before the dollar! Choosing to do business with WfJ, Inc automatically gives clients the upper hand. We are not a foreign entity attempting to be sympathetic. We were just the SMALL and EMERGING Corporation just as our clients. Therefore we find creative and economical ways to advertise your latest idea.

- Where Ideas are constantly Created and never Copied!

Let us manage your web hosting, so you don’t have to! Let’s get right to it: Why have Breathe Hosting completely manage your hosting? Convenience, reliability, performance and simplicity. Web hosting for even the smallest businesses can be a huge internal resource drain that requires vast amounts of expertise and time. This is where Breathe Hosting comes in. Growing up, you’re always told to share. Share your toys, share your time, but never were we told to share Hosting. This is one area we are totally selfish in. Our solutions are tailored for our clients only. We manage your hosting for you, so you don’t have to…everything goes through us…and we are open via phone or e-mail  M-F 8 am – 6pm EST…and 24/7 through our afterhours support and emergency support. Sit back…relax…and BREATHE. After all, we are your host! (No – we won’t be serving you cocktails…not that kind of host)
WfJ, Inc has the scope of experience, creative energy and detail-oriented organization to give your event memorable impact. Our presentation & event marketing services include:
• Multi-Media Presentations
• Presentation Collateral Support
• Speaking Arrangements and Support
• Event Hosting
• Video Walls
• Trade Show Environments
• Sales Meetings
• Management Retreats
• Web Casts
• Satellite Conferences
So, how do you fit a dream into a tiny box? Simple. Understand that someone so well that with a few words and images you indelibly imprint the essence of that brand in your audience’s mind. Our print capabilities are a perfect cocktail of concepts, effective listening & desire to completely deliver. WfJ, Inc was created from a small businesses that started from humble beginnings, therefore we understand the desire to impress with sometimes a smaller budget. We kept this in mind when deciding on least quantities. Whether you need to impress 100,000 or 100 – we can help. Our superlative printing services include:
• Corporate Identity Collateral (letterhead, business cards, style guide)
• Print Ads
• Brochures
• Direct Mailings
• Packaging
• Signage
• Trade Show Booths
WfJ, Inc has a dedicated staff of normal typical consumers who knows exactly what appeals to them. This is what makes our firm so unique. Our office is compiled of everyday people, from all walks of life. Our designers refuse to be boxed into a vertical market.
WfJ, Inc writers are extensively conversant in the following media and formats:

• Brand Promise Creation
• Brochures
• Sales Letters
• Print Ad Campaigns
• Newsletters
• Bylined Articles
• White Papers
• Internal Communications
• Sales Sheets
• Press Releases
• Case Studies
• Web Content
• Video Scripting
• Presentations
• Speech Writing
An image is meant to silently speak in your absence. When dealing with brand identifiers, there is not dollar amount that can placed on it. WfJ, Inc works with a seasoned staff of in-house designers who work on the delicate margin between concept and birth. By merging the practical and creative, we have forged an effective team that breathe creativity. Our design team also benefits from the experience of working cross-media – print, video, interactive – and are accustomed to creating and supporting visual identities across an integrated range of media. They are also strengthened by their close relationship to other aspects of our agency. They work closely with our President/CEO, VP, account executives, attorneys and marketing planners to create a total work that fully addresses our clients’ needs. Our design staff has nonparallel experience working in the following media:
• Logo Design
• Print Design
• Packaging Design
• Web Design
• Banner/Online Ad Design
• Interactive Design
• Video Graphics
• Environmental/Tradeshow Design
• 3-D Computer Animation

"Everyday seeing I am a little better than the day before, that is all He desires..."