Company Overview

WfJ, Inc...We Breathe Imageries

WfJ, Inc Creative Firm – where we Breathe Imageries.

We pride on being a place where Ideas are created and never copied.  We work with the best and are able to offer the best.  Not because of ourselves but because of Faith, Hard Word and Determination.

WfJ, Inc Creative Firm was created for one reason and one goal: To BREATHE life into ideas.

Although WfJ, Inc has grown extensively over the past 7 years, customer service is still the main priority.  Our focus is not to create a long list of clients only to identify them by numbers but yearly add on to the long lists of superlative services we initially offered.  Since this is primarily an internet business, there are no limitations for service because the internet is one of our offices.  Our clients in Nigeria receive the same service as our downtown clients – so please don’t allow distance to determine your retaining us.  Always remember your location is but one plane ride away.

With each breath, an idea is born. Welcome to WfJ, Inc!

Team Breathe
Keisha Broxton Payne, CEO & President

"Everyday seeing I am a little better than the day before, that is all He desires..."